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~~All of my canes are Hand Crafted, (by Me) in Talladega, Alabama - U.S.A.

I specialize in "One of a kind" Custom Carved, or Laser Engraved walking canes.

  I do not carve "Into" the cane. I start with a larger piece, and carve the wood away, leaving the designs. This is known as "Relief Carving".


NOTE: I DO-NOT use "Decorative, Metal, Plastic, Carved Heads, or Carved Animals as handles. I ONLY use hand made, comfortable wooden handles.

To see the  prices,  &  some of my work,  look at the pictures, on pages 2 through 7

Use the "Contact Me" form to inquire about your Custom Carved Cane. Or, e-mail me with your drawings or ideas. Together, we will "Design" your cane. I will send computer generated pictures (of simulated carvings) to you, of how the carve will look. You can request changes* until I get it the way you want. (*NOTE: within reason) Once you approve the design, and make the $25. down payment, (or make full payment) I will start carving your cane.E-Mail me here:

  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Once the Design for your cane is approved by you, Click the PayPal button below and select Down Payment. Once the cane is carved, I will send pictures to you for your approval. THEN you can click the pay Pal button below and select the appropriate payment. -OR- Go to the "Payment Options" page to make ONE Full Payment.

 The first $25. is "earnest money", and a "down payment", showing that you intend to pay for your cane when it is carved.

    I know it's a pain, but I've carved more than enough canes for people that never intended to pay for them.


Almost any credit, debit card will do.

With this method of payment, you have the security and protection offered by Your credit card company PLUS the security that Pay-Pal offers.

  I DO-NOT ship outside the lower 48 contiguous United States. All prices are in US Dollars. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

I use UPS for shipping, and they will not ship to a PO BOX. (They must have a physical address)


To purchase a cane with only ONE (1) Payment, go to the "Payment Options" page.


I am not taking orders for canes at this time, due to medical reasons. I hope to resume the 2nd week of October.

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